3 Minuten

3 Minuten 8-12
3 Minuten | 35mm | 4:3 in 1:1,85 | color | 3 min | stereo | austria, germany | 2006 |
distributed by sixpackfilm |

'3 Minuten' is a series of three OiZ-shots analysing the phenomenons of visual interference by phase shifting a minute. Each shot shows the same analogue clock with a hand for seconds at the train station in Passau (D) and is recorded for exact 4 hours with 24 fps on 35mm film. The small difference between the shots is the length of the loaded film in the OiZ-magazine and the daytime of recording.

'12-4 Uhr' is recorded from 12am to 4pm on a loop with 1440 frames - which is exactly a minute - and shows visual amplification.

'4-8 Uhr' is recorded from 4pm to 8pm on 1440.25 frames - which is one perforation hole more than a minute - and shows visual beat.

'8-12 Uhr' is recorded from 8pm to 12pm on a film loop with the length 1446 frames - which is 6 frames more than a minute - and shows visual destruction.

A review by Thomas Korschil can be found in the sixpackfilm distribution catalogue.

'3 Minuten' is supported by the Vienna Film Academy and Upper Austria.